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Under The Feather Farm
Producing family friendly sheep that turn heads

We are a small farm located in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

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We are a small farm producing beautiful, friendly sheep perfect for new sheep owners and heritage chickens. We love being small because we know each individual sheep and lamb and are able to give them the best care that each one needs.

 In 2020 we took the leap and went for a long held dream to breed the Cutest Sheep in the World, the Valais Blacknose sheep. 2020 was the first year there were any Valais Blacknose lambs born in Canada and because we are not able to import live sheep into Canada they were produced from imported frozen semen and were 50% Valais. We are excited to have our third crop of 50% Valais Blacknose lambs arriving this spring and a beautiful white Cotswold ram has joined our flock to continue giving us amazing fleece (wool) sheep with long length and shiny lustre.

Valais Blacknose x Sheep

Heritage Chickens

Registered Babydoll Sheep

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Home / Sheep / Valais Blacknose / Babydoll / Chickens / For Sale / Order / About


Located in Roberts Creek, BC on the beautiful Sunshine Coast

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