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The Blues - Blue and Green Layers

Black Ameraucana hen


A mixed pen of pure heritage breeds that lay blue and green eggs. These are all medium sized chickens, friendly, active and perfect for adding some nice colour to your egg carton.

We have an Araucana rooster over two Araucana, three Ameraucana, one Cream Legbar and two olive egger (Ameraucana x Black Copper Marans) hens. Pure Araucana chicks are possible. The correct name for the other chicks is Easter Eggers as they will be cross breeds.

Eggs from The Blues

Interesting facts: In blue eggs the colour permeates the shell and so the shell is blue inside and out, unlike brown eggs where the colour is Ďpaintedí on the outside and the inside is white. Different hens lay different hues of blue or green but older hens lay lighter coloured eggs than when they were pullets and the first eggs of the season are darker than the eggs late in the season.

Araucana rooster (l) and hen (r)

Araucana: These are the original blue egg layers and originated in Chile. Ours do not have tufts (upturned feathers by their ears), which are linked to a lethal gene but are rumpless (no tail and no tail bones either) or may have a few tail feathers. The rooster in this pen is rumpless as is one hen but the other hen has a few tail feathers. They lay beautiful blue eggs. I bought these as bantams but they are too big for the bantam weight category and too small for the standard size. This is our first year with them and we will be working with them.

Blue Ameraucana hen

Ameraucana: A recognized APA (American Poultry Association) breed developed in the US from Araucanas. People often call any blue or green layer an Ameraucana or Araucana but this is only correct if the are pure bred and meet the breed standard, if they donít they are most likely a cross breed and properly called Easter Eggers. Ameraucana have beards and muffs and a pea comb. We are extremely happy with the line we have, they are gorgeous with big full beards, a little larger than most and they should be excellent layers. These are BBS (blue, black, splash) colour, also known as Blue. Blue doesnít breed true and you get all three colours when breeding blue to blue. These are laying a blue to blue green egg. There are two Blue and one Black hen in this pen.

Cream Legbar hen

Cream Legbar: We have one hen in our pen and she is such a beauty with her rose coloured chest and soft grey-brown feathers. They are excellent foragers and free range well, she is the only chicken Iíve had to clip the wing feathers to keep her in the (mostly) covered pens, somehow she was finding a way out or through every pen. She lays a light blue-green egg that looks almost grey in some light. Roosters 7 lbs hens 5 Ĺ lbs. This is our first year with these lines.


Temperament: active, easy to handle
Bird size: medium
Egg colour: blue to green
Size: large/extra large
Price: $12 per chick $6 per egg 


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