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Have you always wanted to have chickens but not sure where to start? Chickens are as easy to look after as a cat and the Basic Backyard Chicken Care courses by Lisa Murata will get you going.


The Intensive: 2 ½ hours  Saturday May 19   2:00 - 4:30    $50

This course will give you a general overview of what is required to successfully keep chickens. You will probably need to do more research before getting chickens unless you are the adventurous type.

Topics covered are:  Choosing your chickens, the breeds, chicks vs hens, hybrid or heritage, feed, keeping them safe from predators, housing, biosecurity and disease.

Not covered: Zoning regulations


The Basics Plus: Four classes, 1 ½ hours*
Saturday - May 26, June 2, 9, 16    3:00 - 4:30

Can be taken individually or register for all for a discount. $35 each or all 4 for $110
Not covered: Zoning regulations

1) A Life with Chickens - May 26
            - Breeds, Purpose (eggs, meat, pets, show), Heritage vs Hybrid,
            - Daily care
            - Lifecycle of the backyard flock, what you can expect in a year

2) Getting Started – June 2
            - Purchasing chickens (what to look for, where to get them), chicks vs pullets vs older

            - Raising chicks (care, supplies)
            - Feeding the flock

3) Keeping them Safe – June 9
            - Housing, Handling/Transport,
            - Predators (whodunit, protection from, electric fencing)

4) Avoiding Untimely Endings – June 16
            - Biosecurity, do you need to worry?
            - Disease, Pests, Parasites

Meat Birds: 1 ½* hours   Date to be announced  3:00 – 4:30 $40

Demonstration: how to slaughter and process a chicken for home use, feeding and housing meat chickens.

Not covered: Regulations and licensing required for selling meat or starting and raising chicks.

Hatching Eggs: 1 ½* hours   Date to be announced  3:00 - 4:30 $40

All about hatching eggs, we’ll cover natural incubation, Incubators, selecting hatching eggs, embryo development and hatching/incubator problems.

*may run up to 15 minutes longer 

Maximum number of participants: 15
Location: Chapman Creek Fish Hatchery in Wilson Creek
Please pre-register
Suitable for total beginners and new chicken keepers

To register or questions contact Lisa Murata  lisa@underthefeather.com or 604 885-8929.

About Lisa Murata

Lisa has been keeping and breeding chickens since she moved to the coast almost 30 years ago. She currently operates Under the Feather Farm, in Roberts Creek, which specializes in rare heritage chicken breeds ideal for the backyard flock. She ships hatching eggs across Canada and chicks on the west coast as far away as Whitehorse. Some of her chicken breeds are in high demand with hatching eggs being ordered months in advance.

Teaching is another of her passions and for the past ten years she has been sharing her knowledge in the local elementary schools with Hatch in the Class and other courses. She was also  instrumental to bringing the Small Flock Health Workshop presented by the Ministry of Agriculture Poultry Health Division to Sechelt.





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