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Black Copper Marans

Picture taken in sunlight

Same eggs, picture taken inside no flash


Known for their dark brown eggs, they are sometimes called chocolate eggers. A heritage breed originally from France they were selectively bred for their very dark brown eggs and high quality meat. 

These are my favourite because they are a true dual purpose chicken with the beauty of the dark brown egg, a rooster that dresses heavier than most dual purpose breeds and a nice personality too. I have been breeding BCM's for many years with a primary focus on the dark brown egg colour while still meeting the SOP (Standard of Perfection) breed standard. They are hardy, beautiful birds, with copper feathers on black plumage. They are reasonable layers of large to extra large eggs and some hens will go broody.

Our Black Copper Marans have feathered feet and are often referred to as French BCM as compared to clean legged ones. Personally, I love feathered feet so they were the obvious choice for me.

Chicks (the light coloured ones are Blue Copper Marans-not available this year)


Temperament: active, easy to handle
Bird size: large
Egg colour: dark brown some speckled with darker spots
Size: large/extra large
Price: $12 per chick $6 per egg


Ordering Information

How to order: Read the information on our Order page for more information and details then send us an email to lisa@underthefeather.com with your order including breed, number of chicks/eggs, preferred receiving date, your address (or nearest airport if we're flying them to you) and any questions. We'll send you back answers and the total cost.



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