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French Black Copper Marans

Picture taken in sunlight 2017

Same eggs, picture taken inside no flash 2017


These Black Copper Marans are my favourite because they are a true dual purpose chicken with the beauty of the dark brown egg, a rooster that dresses heavier than most dual purpose breeds and a good personality in hens and roosters too. They are hardy, beautiful birds with their copper feathers on black plumage. They are good layers of large to extra large size eggs and some hens will go broody.

Pen A - We run two separate pens, A and B

Known for their dark brown eggs, they are sometimes called chocolate eggers. A heritage breed originally from France they were selectively bred for their very dark brown eggs and high quality meat. 


We have been developing our line of Black Copper Marans for many years and are very pleased with the comments we are hearing which include, "...darkest eggs in Canada"  and "...lay eggs as dark as the good ones in France".


Our Black Copper Marans have feathered feet and are often referred to as French BCM as compared to clean legged ones. Personally, I love feathered feet so they were the obvious choice for me.

Our primary focus when selecting breeding stock has been increasing the dark egg colour while still meeting the SOP (Standard of Perfection) breed standard. We are very happy with our egg colour, size and improved laying productivity and also the colouring in the hackle feathers on the hens. We are now working on reducing the excess foot and leg feathering and the occasional white tipped feather we are seeing in our flock. As the chicks from this year are maturing we have heard that a few of the pullets have extra red/brown on their body feathers. We were using an overly coloured rooster in one of our lines and have pulled him, hopefully that will solve that problem but we won't know for aa while, until the new chicks mature. That's one of the challenges about breeding, there's always something to tweak on the way to the 'perfect' chicken as described in the SOP.



BCM pullet photo bombing the Breda Fowl picture

Temperament: active, easy to handle
Bird size: large
Egg colour: very dark brown
Size: large/extra large
Price: $14 per chick $7 per egg 


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