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Olive Eggers
(Ameraucana x Black Copper Marans)


We cross Ameraucana (blue egg layer) with Black Copper Marans (dark brown egg layer) to get hens that will lay an olive coloured egg.

They are worth having in the flock for their colourful contributions to the egg carton and friendly, outgoing personalities. They are also really good layers.

Olive Egger (top left), Black Copper Marans (top) Ameraucana (right)

Temperament: active, friendly
Bird size: large
Egg colour: olive
Size: large/extra large
Price: $9 per chick  $5 per egg


Ordering Information

How to order: Read the information on our Order page for more information and details then send us an email to lisa@underthefeather.com with your order including breed, number of chicks/eggs, preferred receiving date, your address (or nearest airport if we're flying them to you) and any questions. We'll send you back answers and the total cost.



Home / Chickens / Sheep/ Classes / Soap / Order

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