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Specializing in rare, heritage and fancy chicken breeds ideal for the backyard flock

Black Copper Marans / Blue Laced Red Wyandotte / Breda Fowl / Silver Lace Wyandotte / Svart Hona 
Blue LayersMille Fleur d'Uccle / Paint Silkie

Ordering Info


*** New for 2019 ***

HATCHING EGGS will be ONLY available on our facebook farm page https://www.facebook.com/underthefeatherfarm.

Each week, available eggs will be listed on Thursday and available for purchase until Saturday noon (BC time - PST).  Due to high demand, Black Copper Marans eggs will be auctioned on our page and sold to the highest bidder, auction will end Saturday 8 pm BC time (PST). Purchased eggs are shipped by Canada Post the following Monday. Any eggs not sold by Saturday noon (BC time - PST) will be listed on other pages. We are trying this out and will make changes as needed.     More information about our hatching eggs below.


Important information is in BOLD, answers to frequently asked questions follows in plain text.



Read the information under Ordering Chicks and then email lisa@underthefeather.com and include:

  1. Breed

  2. Number of chicks

  3. Preferred hatching date or pick up/shipping date

  4. Are you picking them up or having them flown to you (airport you'd like them sent to)

  5. Any questions you have

We will get back to you within 24 hours with availability and price. If you haven't heard back from us, please contact us again as we may not have received your email.


Ordering Chicks

We custom hatch your order so it will be a minimum of 3 – 4 weeks before your chicks are ready. A 50% deposit is required before we set the eggs for your order, we will email you the week before we start incubating the eggs and request it. Hatch day is usually Tuesday/Wednesday so they are ready for pick up or shipping on the weekend. We occasionally have small numbers of extra chicks available.

Chicks are unsexed so you will get both roosters and hens, about 50% of each, in your order, but it’s like flipping a coin, the more you order the closer to 50% you come, with a small order the percentage may be quite different. For example, in an order of four chicks, one more of one sex, ie 3 hens out of 4,  gives you 75%, but in a bigger order, 11 out of 20 is 55%.

We are often asked what to do with extra roosters, we can’t take them back as we don’t bring any live poultry onto our farm for biosecurity reasons, only hatching eggs, but they are a great addition to your table. We process all our extra roosters and will never go back to store bought chicken, the flavour and texture of our home grown birds is so superior and we know how they are raised and what they have eaten. Even the bantam roosters are processed, they dress out at around one pound each and make a lovely one person meal with left-overs…unless you’re extra hungry…or a teenager… 

Blue (BBS) and Paint colours are sold as hatched and you will get a mix of colours.

Chicks are started and ready to go at 3 days old so we know they are healthy and off to a great start of eating, drinking and thriving. They are kept separate from our older chickens (in the dog and cat-free bathroom) to reduce the risk of disease and parasites from them (visibly healthy and parasite free but may be carriers) or wild birds.

Minimum Order (can be mix of breeds): 4 chicks for local pick up, 10 chicks if flying by Harbour Air, and 25 chicks on longer flights. These numbers for flying are required so they keep each other warm for the trip.

Shipping by air only: We like to ship by Harbour Air (~$15-20 per box) (https://www.harbourair.com/book-a-flight/locations/) and Air North, both are awesome, friendly, budget conscious small airlines who accept any solid box (we use cardboard) for shipping. We also ship WestJet (special box required) and will ship by other airlines if they are your choice. There is an additional $10 charge for us to deliver to Harbour Air or the Langdale ferry terminal.

Shipping costs outside of local area: If you are not in the Harbour Air service area  then shipping will probably be around $175-200. Chicks are flown by Harbour Air to Vancouver Airport, couriered to your preferred airline and then fly to your destination by your airline. If your airline requires a specific shipping box/container there will be an additional cost for that. You are responsible for arranging the flights.

Substitutions: We do our best to accommodate you with the breeds and date you request but I've yet to find a chicken (or chick) who will read and abide by my order lists. Sometimes the hens fail to lay as many eggs or chicks don't hatch out as well as expected. If we don’t have enough chicks of your desired breed to fill the order we’ll contact you to see if you’d like another breed substituted, a refund or your chicks on another date.

We are a small farm and not all breeds are available at all times and some are only available in limited or quantities.

Hatching Eggs

New for 2019   Available eggs will be posted on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/underthefeatherfarm.
We are not taking orders for eggs.

We guarantee that the eggs we send you are:

- Fresh - no older than 7 days - date is penciled on them
- From pens with high fertility, 85% or better unless noted. We regularly hatch our eggs so we know the recent fertility from each pen
- Properly stored in an egg carton to reduce moisture loss, kept cool, and turned twice daily
- Clean from the nest, they are not washed

We do not guarantee anything else when shipped due to conditions beyond our control during shipping and incubating, etc. To put it plainly, when you buy hatching eggs from us we guarantee they are viable hatching eggs at the time of shipping, we do not guaranteed you will hatch chicks due to many factors beyond our control including, handling and weather during transport, and your incubator and incubation. With shipped eggs a 30-50% hatch is considered normal as transport, temperature changes and time all adversely affect hatchability. We include an extra egg or two with each dozen.

Having said that, We have had great success shipping hatching eggs throughout Canada with Canada Post's Xpresspost service which offers guaranteed delivery to most places in three days or less. We ship them out on Monday, so they arrive before the weekend. Eggs are carefully packed in egg cartons, wrapped in bubble wrap and nestled in foam in a cardboard box. We will send you the tracking number Monday evening. If eggs are late by Canada Post’s guaranteed date, we will apply for the refund and refund you the shipping costs minus the gst, they don’t refund gst on business accounts. We can also ship by Harbour Air, please add $10 for delivery to their Sechelt terminal.

Our process for packing your order of hatching eggs, they are:

1) carefully selected for clean, strong, uniform shells and colour for Marans and The Blues
2) candled to remove any with hairline cracks, loose air cells, etc.
3) packed - wrapped in toilet paper, placed in an egg carton which is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a solid foam lined cardboard box, which is then wrapped in brown paper and fragile labels are applied along with your address. The foam is our new favourite thing increasing hatches, even over long distances because it cushions the eggs and protects them from temperature changes.

Available hatching eggs will be posted on our facebook page on Thursday and when purchased, shipped the following Monday. If not sold by Saturday noon, they will be listed on the facebook CMC auction page.



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