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Under The Feather Farm
Producing family friendly sheep that turn heads

We are a small farm located in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

Our Sheep

We are a small farm and our breeding stock are also our pets. Having a small flock, of 10 - 12 ewes, we know each one of them as individuals and appreciate, mostly, their very different personalities and characters. We have received wonderful feedback from our customers many of who we still hear from with updates.

Babydoll Southdown Sheep

aka Olde English Babydoll Southdown, Miniature Southdown

They are known for their cute smiles, calm and docile temperament, and miniature size of 18 - 24" at the shoulder. They are very friendly, hardy and easy to handle making them perfect for first time sheep owners.

Meet our Babydoll sheep

Valais Blacknose x Sheep

We are excited to be among the first breeders in Canada of "The Cutest Sheep in the World". Due to Canadian regulations, it is not possible to import them live into Canada so we are involved in the breed up program using frozen semen from purebred, registered Valais Blacknose rams. Some purebred Valais Blacknose have been born in Canada, they were imported as frozen embryos. Technology is amazing these days!

Meet our Valais Blacknose x sheep


Cotswold x Sheep

Cotswold sheep are large, gentle sheep known for their lustrous long wool. It can grow up to 12" in a year. The wool reflects light making it look like it's lit from inside, it's incredible and I needed more of this in my flock! I first noticed this in my Gotland ewes when they were just sheared they looked metallic silver (see Daisy below) and the wool of their Valais Blacknose x daughters also have this shiny, reflective quality just in white.

Daisy showing the metallic lustre that captivated me

Edwin Stane - Registered Cotswold Ram

Cotswold are an old English breed, descended from sheep brought to the Cotswolds in England by Roman conquerors in the first century. They are prized for their long, curly, lustrous wool, mellow temperament and mild tasting meat.

We have some of his lambs arriving July 2024, check out our sales page.


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Updated November 16, 2023


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