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Babydoll Sheep

Registered Babydoll lambs will be arriving in March 2021!

We will also have some fantastic, friendly, fibre lambs: Finn x Babydoll and Shetland x Babydoll expected May 22. They will have wonderful wool (fibre), be small, easy to handle and friendly, what more could you want? (more info below)

Clover gets to visit the house to warm up after a swim in the drinking bucket

Babydoll sheep are known for their calm and docile temperament and miniature size of two feet tall at the shoulder. They are also hardy and easy to handle, making them perfect for first time sheep owners.

Sunshine with her 2020 lambs at the bottom and Flower with her lambs at the top. The lambs like to sleep on their mom at night, keeping warm.

We are impressed with how easy they are to care for. Babydoll sheep don't challenge fences and are so mellow they don't need much of a fence to contain them. Fences are more important to keep them safe from predators because Babydolls are very trusting and not the fastest of sheep.


Preferred size is 18 - 24" at the shoulder with a maximum of 26". We are very happy with our ram Vanilla, in addition to his fabulous temperament, he is the shortest ram we have seen at only 23" at the shoulder.

 Babydoll sheep make excellent pets and are very easy to train, especially if there is a food reward involved. They also produce very fine wool like cashmere.

l to r: Belle, Flower and Clover, three of our ewes. Black lambs grow up into brown sheep.

Babydolls are one of the oldest British sheep breeds and were developed for wool and meat production. The modern Southdown was developed when North American breeders crossed other breeds in to create bigger animals. Babydoll Southdown were saved when a registry was created to distinguish them from the new Southdowns.

 We have partnered with Carrillo Farm in Sechelt to provide unrelated breeding pairs.


Reserving lambs

We do sell out every year so email us early to get on our waiting list.

Registered Babydoll Lambs

Our sheep are registered with the OEBSSR - Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry and with BSSBA - Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association. Lambs will be registered with BSSBA, double registering lambs with OEBSSR will be available at cost.


Black ewe lamb $1000
Black ram lamb $800
White ewe lamb $1000
White ram lamb $800
Wether      (castrated ram lamb unregistered) $400


Babydoll x Lambs - due May 22, 2021

These will be from our registered Finnsheep ewe, Finn and registered Shetland ewe, Pixie. Both ewes are quite small, weighing less than the hefty Babydolls, the lambs should be about the same size as Babydoll lambs.


Lambs $300

Finnsheep are known for having litters of lambs, 3-5 lambs is common with a record of 9 lambs. They have a naturally short tail, mature early and their fleece (wool) is long, soft with high luster. Our Finn is very friendly and loves to come for to visit and see if there is anything she can 'help' out with.

Shetland sheep are kept primarily for their soft, fine fleece. Pixie has a very long coat, it will be about 5" at spring shearing and is a beautiful colour. Shetland sheep are an ancient breed also having a natural short tail. Pixie is the most alert of the flock and sometimes pronks (leaps into the air by pushing off with all four feet, like the springbok antelope and young lambs) around the yard just for fun.

Finn testing out the crate to make sure Pixie would fit

Finn fleece, it's very, very soft with lots of crimp



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