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Paint and Blue Silkies

Who can resist these fluffy pompoms of a chicken. Silkies are a large bantam, with fluffy feathers that look like chick down, black skin, blue earlobes and five toes along with fluffy feet. They are very mellow and friendly which make them great pets.

Their down-like feathers don’t protect them from the weather, there’s not much more miserable looking than a wet and scraggly Silkie and they are not able to fly so they require perches close to the ground or ramps to access the perch.

They are not great layers but make up for it by going broody, frequently and persistently. They have enough determination to hatch a golf ball or pine cone if that's all they have incubate…or so they’ll try to convince you. When they are laying they produce a good sized white or beige-tinted egg for their size.

Extra roosters dressed out for the table will surprise you with their black skin, bones and connective tissue, caused by fibromelanosis, a rare mutation found in the highly prized and very expensive, Ayam Cemani and the  Swedish Black Hen (Svart Hona).  The meat is surprisingly tasty once you get past the colouring and very popular in some parts of the world.

Our silkies are bearded. We have a Paint Silkies with our Paint and Blue hens. There is some partridge somewhere in their background as I get the occasional grey partridge coloured chick hatching out.

They are best suited to flocks with other gentle breeds such as the Sultan, Breda Fowl and Mille Fleur.  

Temperament: quiet, docile
Bird size: small (large bantam)
Egg colour: tinted (off white)
Size: small
Price: Paint Silkies $14 per chick $8 per egg
Limited availability


Ordering Information

How to order: Read the information on our Order page for more information and details then send us an email to lisa@underthefeather.com with your order including breed, number of chicks/eggs, preferred receiving date, your address (or nearest airport if we're flying them to you) and any questions. We'll send you back answers and the total cost.



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