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Paint Silkies

We did not plan to keep the Paint Silkies, even though they are super cute, fluffy pompoms of a chicken, but they earned their place by being the best layers on the farm. All the other hens packed it in around September when the daylight decreased, we don’t light our chickens so they get to take the winter off, but the Silkies kept on laying, giving us 3-5 eggs out of 7 hens all the way through the winter. When we were grumbling about the low production in the spring and summer, 3-5 eggs a day, usually because there were at least a couple of broody hens, we became impressed when they kept up this steady supply all the way through the winter, still with a couple of broody hens. They didn’t seem to be bothered by lack of light or cold temperatures and now, we are saying what we never expected to say, “Silkies are the best layers.”

Silkies are a large bantam, with fluffy feathers that look like chick down, black skin, blue earlobes and five toes along with fluffy feet. They are very mellow and friendly which make them great pets. Ours are bearded and some have domed heads.


Silkies are great if you want to increase your flock without an incubator because they go broody frequently and persistently. They have enough determination to hatch a golf ball or pinecone if that's all they have incubate…or so they’ll try to convince you. The hens make awesome mothers and are a great replacement for an incubator. Silkies lay a small sized white or cream coloured egg. They require short perches that they can hop up to because their feathers are down like they can't fly.

Silkies doing what they love most (BLRW chicks)

The Paint colour is like Blue, it does not breed true and you will get Paint, White and Black in about equal numbers. This is our fourth generation of them and they are still producing some Blue and the very occasional rare Silver Partridge. We are noticing some of them do not have black skin and beak at hatch, some are patchy and others are correctly black. The white skin is darkening as they age but just know that not all of them will meet the SOP or be show quality. The white skin and beak should be fixed with the black rooster. Black Silkies are bred into Paint because it increases the size of the black patches and improves type. We will be using a Black rooster as soon as he’s old enough.

Extra roosters dressed out for the table will surprise you with their black skin, bones and connective tissue, caused by fibromelanosis, a rare mutation found in the highly prized and very expensive, Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen) and Ayam Cemani. The meat is surprisingly juicy and flavourful once you get past the colouring and very popular in some parts of the world.

NOTE: They do best with other gentle and smaller breeds like the Svart Hona, Mille Fleur d’Uccles and Breda Fowl.


Temperament: friendly, quiet, docile
Bird size: small (large bantam)
Egg colour: white or cream
Egg size: small
Price: $14 per chick $7 per egg

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