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Swedish Flower Hens


An extremely rare breed not only in North America but in the world, these beautiful and friendly chickens nearly vanished in the 1980's. They are a landrace breed which means they were not selected for any specific traits or colour but were left to roam free in Sweden with the strongest birds adapting to the conditions and reproducing. 

Swedish Flower Hens were imported into the United States in 2010. Their name means bloom hen which refers to the white tipped feathers resembling the fields of flowers. They come in many colours but the tips of most of the feathers are white. I love their great variety of colours, no two birds look alike. It is nice to have a flock of purebred chickens where you can tell each one apart easily.

Not only are they beautiful and hardy, they have the perfect personalities for the backyard flock, they love people. They are also great foragers and are the last ones into the coop at night. The hens are good layers of large to extra large tinted (beige) eggs. Iíve found them to be smart and quick learners, one batch I carried in and out of my house for a couple of weeks and they would all line up so I could lift them into the  box. Needless to say, these are one of my favourite breeds.

Our original stock was carefully selected from five different breeders across Canada for good genetic diversity, it also resulted in a nice variety of colours.

Some of our original breeding stock as chicks

Temperament: active, friendly, easy to handle
Bird size: Medium
Egg colour: light brown
Size: extra large
Price: $12 per chick $6 per egg


Ordering Information

How to order: Read the information on our Order page for more information and details then send us an email to lisa@underthefeather.com with your order including breed, number of chicks/eggs, preferred receiving date, your address (or nearest airport if we're flying them to you) and any questions. We'll send you back answers and the total cost.



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