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Under The Feather Farm
Producing family friendly sheep that turn heads

We are a small farm located in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

Our Valais Blacknose x Ewes and Foundation Ewes

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Our 2021 Valais Blacknose x Babydoll (Sunshine) lamb Annie

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We are excited to be among the first breeders of "The Cutest Sheep in the World"  in Canada.

We got into breeding these sheep because they truly are the Cutest Sheep in the world. After our first lambs were born we fell in love with the personalities and friendliness of our part bred lambs and would breed them even if they weren't so adorable, not that that has been a problem because they have all been very cute and outstanding in the looks department.

The 50% Valais Blacknose have wonderful, people-oriented personalities, they follow us everywhere and will even come over to greet total strangers.  The biggest problem is trying to get anything done while surrounded by them wanting your attention. We found they are even friendlier than the Babydolls sheep which are well known for pet qualities.

Our small, friendly ewe flock includes registered Gotlands, Babydoll Southdowns and some very productive (triplet producing) mixed breed sheep. They will produce lambs perfect for pets with follow-you-around personalities. Some of the lambs will be fabulous fibre (wool) producers and others will make great breeders to produce easy to handle, highly productive, high efficiency lambs.

The following ewes had


Jed, 100% Purebred Valais Blacknose Ram

We had six beautiful ewe lambs in 2023.
Two of them are for sale

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before shearing

after shearing showing the metallic lustrous wool


Daisy and Dahlia
are registered Gotland sheep. They are our first Gotlands and we find them delightful and personable with the most luxurious fleeces.

When we go into the barn they will stand on the door so they can look over it and see what we're doing. They are curious as cats and always want to be in on the action but just like cats it's on their terms and they're fast to leave if they don't think it's going to be fun or rewarding to stick around.

Daisy had twin ewe lambs, Willow and Fern and Dahlia had a single, Primrose aka Trouble 2. These lambs were born with fabulous curly wool coats and have only gotten better as they've grown. It's already long, soft, lustrous wool that falls into curly locks.


It was a Christmas party in the barn and Dahlia dressed for the occasion




is the full sister to Hanna, They are large, very productive, mixed breed ewes with some Corriedale, Charolais and Romanov. They are two years old, born in the spring of 2021.

Selene had triplets in 2022 and raised all three without any help. She is an excellent mom and very friendly. We were able to milk her after her lambs were weaned and she stood still for it. She and Hanna have large teats, much like a goat which makes her easy to milk.

Selene had a beautiful ewe lamb June 7, 2023 Poppy who is on our Sales Page.



triple registered white Babydoll Southdown ewe, she was our first ewe to give us Valais x lambs and she gave us triplets.

Sunshine is an amazing ewe with the typical laid-back Babydoll attitude. We kept her two Valais x ewe lambs, Claire and Annie and are so impressed by them.

She is bred to Jed for spring 2024 Valais x Babydoll lambs.


Callie was a lamb with presence and has grown into a yearling ewe who still stands out and that has earned her a place in our flock.

Callie's nickname is Short Stuff because she is the smallest ewe in the flock. She is the daughter of Sunshine  and Vanilla.

She is a triple registered White Babydoll Southdown ewe and has been bred to a registered black Babydoll ram for 2024 spring lambs.

She had Petunia, 50% Valais Blacknose ewe lamb in 2023. Petunia, aka Trouble One is for sale, check her out on our Sales Page.




Claire wanting attention but
not able to get any closer

Marshmellow and Claire

Valais Blacknose x Babydoll Southdown, Sunshine's Valais x daughter. Her dad is Solwaybank Extra Special.

She and her full sister Annie, and full brother Marshmellow, were our introduction to the Valais Blacknose breed, only having seen them online but never in person. We fell in love with them and they with us it seemed.

They have an odd love of grabbing zippers and running them up and down. They also find the pull tabs on them quite delicious and have chewed all the soft ones off our jackets.

Bred to Jed for 75% (f2) Valais Blacknose spring 2024 lambs.

Just a couple of weeks old, Annie climbed into my lap and fell asleep

Fern, Willow and Primrose
Valais Blacknose x Gotland, Daisy's twins and Dahlia's single, all three are pretty incredible with their long, lustrous fleece.

They will be bred for spring 2024 lambs.



Rosie - Jed x Hanna

 Reference ewe

Hanna is a full sister to Selene. They are large, very productive, mixed breed ewes with some Corriedale, Charolais and Romanov.

Last year Hanna was bred by AI and last spring (2022), delivered Puppy, our Valais Blacknose x ram lamb.  Even as a yearling she was an excellent mom, delivered easily and looked after Puppy very well.

In 2023 she had the beautiful Rosie who is for sale.



More info about our breeding program

Unlike other Valais Blacknose breeders who use the wilder Scottish Blackface ewes because they are closer in colour and have horns, we carefully selected ewes that are friendly and polled (don't have horns). All our lambs have been very friendly people lovers right from birth. None of our lambs have grown horns. Horns do add to the charming look of the Valais but they can also be be more challenging as the sheep need more space at the feeder, and if they accidentally catch you with a horn as they walk by it does hurt.

Due to Canadian regulations it is not possible to import Valais Blacknose sheep into Canada from their home country so we have been using imported frozen semen for the breed-up program. The breed up program involves using imported frozen semen from registered purebred rams to laparoscopically artificially inseminate ewes. There are only two vets in BC and Alberta that have the special skills and equipment to carry out this procedure and the cost is high with sometimes marginal results. Our first year, we bred three ewes and only one, Sunshine, our Babydoll ewe became pregnant. She delivered triplets this spring. We kept the two ewe lambs, Annie and Claire and Marshmallow went to a wonderful home on Vancouver Island. In 2022, breeding six ewes by LAI only resulted in one ram lamb, Puppy. He is such a character and really reinforced our love of the breed.




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